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Celebration Service:  10:30 am

Youth class & toddler care during service

Animal Ministry

​Ministry to the Little Brothers and Sisters ~ Interfaith CommUNITY’s Ministry to Animals

Our animal friends received blessings at Countryside Park on October 8th.  Click on any image to display a slideshow of larger images.

Please contact Karen at shewalkswithbear@gmail.com

regarding our Animal Ministry.


To provide resources, support, guidance and pastoral care to our community and their animal companions.

• Our purpose is to promote compassion, respect and protection of all creatures
• Animals are sentient beings and have feelings and awareness
• All persons and animals will be treated with respect.

• Providing comprehensive resources for animal lovers and their animal companions
• Provide support during animal illness and surgery
• Provide pastoral care at the time of animal euthanasia or death
• Provide funeral and memorial services
• Plan and host an annual pet blessing ceremony.

Animal Ministry Resource Manual:  Get it now